Our Hallmark

The hallmark of Carvin French is the cat seated, facing forward, with its long tail wrapped around the front. 


It is called the “Maxi” cat, named after the beloved black cat that belonged to André Chervin’s family for many years.  

When you see a piece of jewelry with the “Maxi cat” stamp on it, you know that it was produced by the expert artisans in the Carvin French tradition of quality, beauty, and unparalleled attention to detail.  


It is interesting to note that Carvin French did not start using the Maxi Cat hallmark until 1986. So much of the beautiful pieces made for Verdura, Bulgari, Tiffany, and other top jewelry houses bear the retail name but not the Maxi Cat hallmark of Carvin French.

Only Carvin French itself can verify whether the pieces from pre-1986 were made in their atelier.  

One of Carvin French creations represents the Maxi cat.


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